Wellness Through Massage Against Cancer – Oncology Massage

Anyone who has cancer suffers from fears of life and chemotherapy. Side effects, such as pain, poor circulation, or fatigue, are part of this disease. Regular check-ups are carried out after cancer treatment, and the fear of the disease returning will persist for years. Therefore, relaxing breakthrough wellness treatments and oncology massages are excellent ideas to improve your wellbeing. When considering knowledge and experience, professional masseurs at Caribbean Mystique Spa are trained, experienced, and know whether or not they can give you oncology massage benefits and wellness treatments with cancer. If yes, they know how to treat you with oncology massage therapy.

Do wellness treatments for cancer come with advantages or disadvantages?

We ensure that our masseurs are healthy before providing you with the Oncology massage benefits. If our customers have health problems, we inquire about the effects of wellness treatments. If in doubt, we also consult your doctor. For some diseases, massages and wellness therapies are harmful. You are liable for incorrect treatments or applications for which you are not qualified. In the case of cancer patients, therapists and massage practitioners often keep things safe and stay extra careful.

During chemotherapy: Refrain from wellness therapy

If a cancer patient would like to have a massage while undergoing chemotherapy, we instead refuse to do so. However, the reason does not lie in the tumor disease. Due to the side effects, the patient’s body reacts very sensitively and is weakened. The circulation is unstable, and the patient needs a lot of rest.

Most therapists refrain from spa treatments while chemotherapy progresses or massage them very carefully. There used to be concern that massage would spread cancer. However, this has not yet been proven. Some massage techniques promote blood circulation and can overwhelm the circulation in cancer patients.

Heat applications after chemotherapy: from when?

About 10-12 weeks after chemotherapy, the body should have recovered enough to allow the application of heat. Visits to the sauna strengthen the immune system and start at 50 – 70 degrees over five minutes. This can be alternated with steam baths. Be careful with massage techniques that build on thermal therapy or stimulate blood circulation. If you use essential oils during massages, make sure that cancer patients can tolerate the smell well. If the body is weakened, it reacts very sensitively to smells and touch. Our staff knows techniques that can be used on cancer patients. Again, if in doubt, consult a doctor.

Massages for cancer – Oncology massage therapy

Doctors’ concerns about wellness treatments for cancer patients go back to findings in the 19th century. At the time, it was unclear whether massages transported altered cell tissue to healthy tissue and promoted or triggered metastases. Nowadays, these findings are outdated and largely eliminated. We do not massage those affected areas during chemotherapy and several weeks after radiation therapy is completed without consulting the attending physician. In general, irradiated regions and the tumor site are not massaged.

Massages after breast cancer

After radiating the breast in case of breast cancer, the skin is very irritable. In addition, lymph nodes are often removed as part of a treatment for breast cancer. Thermal applications are not advisable after radiation therapy as the temperature of the breast is increased. Most therapists and medical professionals advise against massages and wellness treatments in the case of breast cancer. Although wellness treatments have not proven any adverse developments on cancer, the body is weakened by the cancer treatment. Some massage techniques or wellness therapies lead to a deterioration in wellbeing. Some medical professionals fear that breast massage will promote edema in cancer patients. However, this has not been proven.

Manual lymphatic drainage after radiation

When learning to massage, the basic grips of classic massage are part of the training content. Medical applications and their possible uses are also part of the basic knowledge of a massage practitioner. Some patients have lymphedema after chemotherapy. The associated inconvenience is improved by manual lymphatic drainage. This makes patients feel more comfortable and suffers less. If in doubt, talk to a doctor treating you as to whether and to what extent manual lymphatic drainage should be used after radiation therapy.

Head and neck tumors and wellness treatments

Doctors do not recommend a massage or spa treatment for patients with cancer of the head or neck. Highly sensitive nerve tracts run in these regions, and chemotherapy is a heavy burden on the body. In these areas, medical professionals disagree on whether a massage promotes existing tumors. However, since edema often develops in these regions, which is uncomfortable and painful, you should consult the doctor treating you in such a case and weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Heat treatments are not beneficial for tumors in the head and neck area.

Aromatherapy and healing caves for cancer patients

When you learn to massage, you not only learn essential grip techniques. Your training is also knowledge of essential oils and the supportive effects of massages. To date, no adverse effects on cancer caused by essential oils have been proven. In general, allergy sufferers are more sensitive to odors. Some herbs and oils are said to have different effects on the body. This is something to keep in mind when incorporating essential oils while massaging.

Some naturopaths advocate applications in the healing cave for recovery from cancer. In these healing caves, there is radioactive water due to the treatment with radon. Reports suggest that visitors to the Caribbean Mystique Spa experience relief from breathing and skin problems. Pain also appears to alleviate.

Until a few decades ago, radioactivity was not considered harmful to health. It has now been proven that radiation is harmful to the body and can lead to genetic defects. Radon is nowadays a risk factor for lung cancer. Therefore, cures in radioactively enriched healing caves are not recommended.

Positive effects of massages after chemotherapy

You should not go for an oncology massage during chemotherapy without consulting a doctor. However, this is not because massages have adverse effects on cancer, but because of the side effects of radiation. The body is fragile during the radiation and in the first few weeks afterward. Not all massage and wellness treatments are suitable for a weakened immune system. General wellbeing is increased through massages and relaxation.

However, significantly Oncology massage benefits the process of recovery. You can increase the feel-good atmosphere, and the relaxing break through a massage provides new energy and can have a positive effect. When using essential oils to support recovery after cancer therapy, you should pay attention to your personal preferences. After radiation exposure, it is not advisable to apply essential oils directly to irritated skin. Allergy sufferers react significantly after chemotherapy, as the immune system is very weakened.