Crystal Blue Foot Massage & Bath

FREE Meditation during your service! Did you Know there are approximately over 7,000 nerves in your Feet? Our Crystal BLUE Foot Massage & {Stress Relieving} ARUBA Foot Bath is a Caribbean Treat just for your Feet!

At Caribbean Mystique Spa, we apply principles of reflexology and traditional Chinese medicine to massage and relax the feet while healing the whole body.. Most people don’t realize how powerful and therapeutic a foot massage really is until they get a professional foot massage by one of our Spa Experts.

Come on in and Escape ARUBAN STYLE to your Destination of Relaxation in ARUBA… Remember, YOUR feet are your Foundation and we want YOU to treat them well. If you work in the food service, Retail, Nursing, Construction, or any job where you’re on your feet for extended periods of time, it’s time to Treat your FEET.

Benefits of this service: Our Expert foot massage and bath provides numerous health benefits, especially when done regularly.

  • Stress-relief; Stress has serious, negative consequences on overall health
  • Restores energy by removing blockages and restoring balance and alignment
  • Improves Circulation and blood flow throughout the entire body
  • Corrects and enforces good posture and body alignment
  • Relief of chronic orthopedic conditions like plantar fasciitis
Wellness Member $79
Reg. Price $95