The Salt Shack

Only Available at The Brandon Location

Each salt therapy session at The Salt Shack lasts 45 minutes. You can read a book or even take a nap while relaxing to the calming background music playing in the room. Your comfort is ensured by our Zero-Gravity recliners. With your feet elevated at your heart-level or slightly above, this position puts the least amount of strain on the spine neutralizing the effects of gravity. The Zero-Gravity recliners allow you to relax while you’re seated and lets the discs in your spine return to their normal shape.

The floor is covered with natural Himalayan rock salt to create a sterilized and negative ion environment. The Salt Shack also uses the newest top-of-the-line halogenerators to crush pharmaceutical grade salt into small particles for inhalation creating the microclimate.

Wellness Member $35
Reg. Price $50

What Can You Gain from it?

Curious to know why you might need a salt therapy session?! Well, here are just a few benefits of this wonderful body cleansing experience:

  • Respiratory health benefits – Healers and professional medical practitioners have all in some way indicated that dry salt therapy could significantly help people with their breathing problems. This therapy originated from the salt caves in Poland, where workers rarely exhibited any sign of respiratory/breathing issues. Even modern scientific study shows that a salt therapy spa makes a good trip for people with asthma and other similar breathing ailments.
  • Reduce Body & Mental Stress – Research has also suggested that halotherapy significantly supports the human body’s nervous, immune, and lymphatic systems. People who have visited salt therapy spas have said that it helped reduce their stress and headaches while boosting their energy levels.
  • Good for Your Skin – Halotherapy can also prove valuable for curing many skin conditions an average person faces, like rashes, acne, and eczema. Pure mineral salts are a natural source of moisturization for the skin and help balance the water level. These minerals are necessary for detoxification and essential cell function.


People who regularly receive salt therapy treatments have been observed to develop the following health improvements:

  • Mucus clean out from airways
  • Help against infection prevention
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • A boost to the immune system
  • Anti-allergic

Halotherapy is considered a relaxing spa treatment, and some of the research conducted on this matter says that halotherapy helps with respiratory problems and even depression.

Salt therapy, or halotherapy, involves breathing in and out air containing tiny salt crystals to improve breathing. It is considered a good alternative treatment for respiratory problems such as asthma, cough, and bronchitis.

Yes! Halotherapy is an excellent option to heal and re-energize your lungs.

2-3 sessions per week is more than enough for people looking to get rid of their respiratory issues, and skin conditions tend to produce optimum results. You should be able to notice a significant improvement in 60 days.

Since halotherapy helps improve your respiratory system by reducing inflammation, this treatment ultimately boosts your immune system and allows it to function more effectively and efficiently.

There are two ways to do salt therapy at home.

  • Using an Aerobika, an inhaler-like device that facilitates the expulsion of excess and thick mucus from the airways. It can be used for about 10-20 minutes every day.
  • Using a salinizer device. This machine releases tiny salt crystals into the room’s atmosphere. This air you breathe in acts as an antifungal and antiviral while expelling the mucus from your airways and reducing any inflammation in your respiratory system.