Specialty Massages

Couples Massage

Our couples massage sessions are design to help you, a friend, a family member and/or a loved one to come relax and be comfortable while enjoying valued time together in the same room.

Hot Stone Massage

A hot/warm stone body massage created to relax the muscles, while stimulating the energy pathways of the body. Warm essential oils are applied and accompanied by smooth textured stones. These Caribbean hot/warm stones are glided and strategically placed over the body. This massage eases away tension and stress bringing forth total relaxation, balance & peace.

Cupping Massage

Using the arts of olden days, these specifically crafted cups are used to help reduce discomfort, soreness, increase and improve blood circulation, relaxation and well-being and are also an alternative form of deep tissue massage.

Oncology Massage

The oncology massage is designed precisely for clients who received chemotherapy, radiation treatments and had surgery in the past. It is an alternative method established in both kindness and focused treatments to aid in managing their experience with cancer.

Prenatal Massage

A gentle and respectful massage for mothers-to-be. This massage is soothing to both the body and soul. The natural elements of cocoa butter, vanilla and almond oil are combined with relaxation techniques making this a safe and comforting massage for any mother-to-be. Note: this massage is not performed during the first trimester or High Risk Pregnancies.