Sparkle Your Skin in Autumn & Winter Using Organic Facial

Organic Facial

Just as it is not easy for many people to switch to the dark and cold season, the skin also suffers from a lack of light and the change between dry heating air and the cold outside. Dry skin occurs when more water evaporates from the upper layer than is supplied from the lower skin layers. Therefore, proper skin care in autumn is important for which organic facial helps maintain the skin’s moisture and shine.

Dry & Tight Skin

Basically, the skin needs more lipid-based care in autumn and winter than in summer. It happens because when the temperature drops, the skin needs more lipid-replenishing substances, as the sebum production decreases with increasing cold.

• A special shower oil is suitable for extremely dry skin.

• Immediately after showering, preferably after drying off, apply a rich cream, body milk or lotion with ingredients such as olive oil or almond oil.

• Additions of urea or glycerin ensure that the moisture remains bound in the skin. Urea helps restore the barrier function for dry skin and normalize water loss.

• And don’t forget: Frequent and especially hot showers stress the skin. Organic Facial for Autumn

Tired Complexion

The gray haze is softened by a gentle organic facial and massage, and a care mask for the face. They remove dead skin and make the complexion appear clearer. Care serums, which are applied with circular, massaging movements, provide the skin with new energy. Active ingredients such as vitamins, white tea, coenzyme Q10 or fern extracts ensure a fresh and firmer complexion.

Dry Shins

Flaky skin signals that the skin barrier is out of balance. The stressed skin needs lipid-containing creams or lotions, i.e., fatty creams, shea butter, nut, or argan oil. It is even better if it also contains moisture-binding agents, such as hyaluronic acid or panthenol. However, body wraps also work efficiently for dry shins.

Dry Skin On the Feet

Feet that are prone to dryness are particularly sensitive when they are put back into socks and stockings after the outdoor environment exposure. A warm foot bath with a dash of care oil stimulates blood circulation and gives way to the cornea to improve. Therefore, gently apply lotion to your feet to get rid of dryness. Please note, calluses that are already cracked should not be processed with the callous plane (often used for Pedicure). Foot peelings and scrubs with a pumice stone effect have a gentler effect and vanish the thickened skin on the feet.

Dry and rough hands

The skin on the hands has few sebum glands and hardly any fatty tissue. Always wear rubber gloves when washing up. To prevent chapped hands, use pH skin-neutral washing lotions. Apply moisturizing cream after washing. Ingredients, such as chamomile or marigold, have anti-inflammatory effects. Prepare a lukewarm hand bath once a week or use a rich hand lotion before bed with a cotton gloves coat and let it soak overnight.

Opt for natural and organic products and procedures

There will never be a skin care product equivalent to natural or organic products, especially for those who frequently use cosmetics. Organic mixtures and products are made from natural occurring herbs and material. Organic products are manufactured to help renew and glow your skin, no matter what season it is. Organic cosmetics for facial is made up of elements that enhance not only your appearance but also help improve the state of your skin. Other compelling reasons we always use natural cosmetics at Caribbean Mystique Spa include:

• They don’t contain any chemicals.

• They aren’t subjected to animal testing.

• They’re ideal for people with delicate skin.

• With their natural characteristics, they truly help heal and revitalize your skin.

Browse through our website’s organic facial section. And, select the one that suits your needs and let us treat your skin to the nourishment it needs this Autumn.

Caribbean Mystique Spa’s Smart Tip

What dry skin doesn’t like at all is overheated rooms and air conditioning. A room humidity of 50 to 60 percent is ideal. Green plants are an alternative to air humidifiers and indoor fountains. Try to stay in a humid environment and grow green.