Prenatal Massage Is a Perfect Reflexology During Pregnancy

Prenatal Massage

Many people find reflexology to be something special during this challenging period of pregnancy. If you or your partner is pregnant, we recommend you to go through this fantastic article and know how fascinating prenatal massage can be during this period.

Feet do hard work every day. The pregnant woman’s feet bear the burden of the heavy weight gain during these nine months. Therefore, foot reflexology massages are extremely beneficial, especially during pregnancy, and this type of massage comes with numerous benefits.

There are hundreds of reflex zones on our feet connected with all body zones and organs. These reflex zones can be activated, stimulated, and sedated (soothed) using special massage techniques. The exerted stimulus is passed on via the nerves to the respective organs and body zones. It should have a positive and balancing influence on the functionality of the body zone or the organ. The foot reflex zone massage, therefore, has a special position among different types of massages. Although it is a partial body massage, it has a holistic character due to its effect on the entire organism, just like the other full body massages.

Reflexology Massage


The foot reflex zone massage is particularly suitable if a full body massage is not desired and if the foot reflex zone massage is a particular pleasure for you. The feet are also worked on in detail with the oil massage during pregnancy, but not in the same intensity as with the foot reflex zone massage. You can safely enjoy this massage during a normal pregnancy. All contraindicated points or areas are left out.

Massages are carried out with pressure and are not soft to the touch, so that foot reflexology massages are not ticklish but beneficial. The feet can also have a positive effect on the whole body. A properly performed foot reflexology massage during pregnancy is safe to enjoy and very beneficial for the mind and body.

We have professionally trained masseurs at Caribbean Mystique Spa and years of experience treating pregnant women with prenatal massage. Our professional masseurs also know where to find contraindicated reflex points to consider and which points to avoid exerting pressure, depending on the stage of pregnancy. So you can relax and enjoy the treatment.

Prenatal massage comes with astonishing benefits

For centuries, therapeutic massage has been believed to improve overall health, relieve muscle tension, and reduce stress. Many studies show that prenatal massage therapy is a holistic approach that contributes to helping reduce anxiety, relieve muscle aches, decrease depression symptoms and joint pains. In addition, it improves labor procedures and infant’s health.

Here are some of the common and incredible benefits of prenatal massage therapy:

• Hormone regulation

• Reduction of nerve pain

• Better sleep

• Improved blood circulation

• Improved oxygenation of muscles and soft tissues

• Reduced back pain

• Reduced edema

• Reduction of swelling

• Reduced joint pain

• Reduced and headaches and muscle tension

• Reduced stress, depression, and anxiety

Treatment procedure

You sit comfortably and lean back on a lounger and can give off your weight on the side and linger for a long time without having to hold yourself. Your child does not encounter any pressure in this position, nor does your organs or veins get suppressed.

After a warm foot bath with essential oils, which have a beneficial effect during pregnancy, enjoy the prenatal massage treatment. A foot reflex zone massage has a system that gradually sends impulses to all parts of the body. Certain but gentle pressure is used, which alternates with gentle and sliding grips.

You can feel the effect throughout your body, and you will visibly relax after a short time. Try it!