Massage Therapy – Your Gateway to The Ultimate Satisfaction

Almost everyone working a decent job nowadays owns a personal car, but not everyone takes good care of it and maintains the vehicle as per the requirement. People who do will see that their car will last them longer than those who neglected its maintenance. The same principles apply to the human body. It’s a biological machine that requires proper care and maintenance to function well. According to a well-researched document by Jennifer Casarella, Web MD (2019), stress can be positive or negative. Positive stress encourages us to perform better at our daily tasks. But suppose the body and mind continuously endure it without an effective break and rest. In that case, stress becomes negative that will eventually cause physical symptoms such as headaches, stomachaches, vomits, nausea, high blood pressure, chest pain, and sleeping problems. Caribbean Mystique Spa Brandon has helped numerous of its clients fight the negative energy of stress by providing them professional massage services. Let’s find out what type of massage therapies they are offering at their resorts! 

Relaxation Massage – Caribbean Mystique Touch 

Smooth and tender gliding strokes will revitalize your body. This relaxing experience will soothe all your stress-induced ailments by comforting your nervous system, raising blood circulation, and helping the body’s lymphatic system expel the waste out of the body. Our professionals do NOT use extreme pressure techniques to force the muscle to release, but instead, use soothing and comforting techniques to get the job done. 

Our Specialty Massages: 

Sports Massage 

Despite the name, athletes aren’t the only ones who need this massage. If you are a victim of chronic pain, injuries, and a restricted range of body, muscle, or joint motion, then this massage is perfect for you. Although, athletes can greatly benefit from this massage as it helps prepare their bodies for upcoming events. We highly recommend this type of massage for all athletes after training to avoid muscle injuries and cramps. 

Deep Tissue Massage 

Suppose you are being bothered by chronic pain due to misalignment, repetitive motion of muscle and joint, or past injury. In that case, our deep tissue massage will significantly help you release the tension and pain. Please be informed that deep tissue massage causes muscle soreness. It’s a pretty common part of the treatment. 

Prenatal Massage 

A massage specifically created to cater to the mothers-to-be that help them calm their body and soul. Our professionals are capable enough to deliver a soothing experience even to a pregnant woman while ensuring her and her baby’s safety. Combining the natural elements of cocoa butter, vanilla, and almond with relaxation techniques offer a relaxing experience. Note: This massage is not performed during the first trimester or High-Risk Pregnancies.

Neuromuscular Therapy 

This therapeutic massage comprises concentrated pressure on the areas of muscle spasm. Our professionally trained therapist identifies the pressure points of your muscles and alleviates the stress and pain using strong, concentrated pressure on the spot. Once the spasm is released, the pain slowly fades away thanks to the restored blood flow. Flexibility and increased range of motion of your muscles and joints are also some of the other benefits of this massage. 

Therapeutic Therapy 

If you are looking for a refreshing or calming massage, then this option is for you. Light or deep pressure is applied as per the requirement to either relax or stimulate the muscles and skin. This massage helps release knots in a particular spot, causing pain and an unpleasant experience. 

Visit our website for more massage therapy options and find the one most suiting your requirements. See you soon!