How Massage Can Help You Release Your Built-up Stress and Exhaustion?

Harmony and balance always have to do with feeling good in your own body. Only relaxed people can calmly face the daily stress at work and in everyday life. Wellness massages, also known as relaxation massages, are a practical means to achieve this state. With a relaxation massage, “calming down” and letting go of everyday life come first. After you have a soothing relaxation massage, the entire body and mind go to the state of relaxation, making you anxiety-free.

A Brief Information About Relaxation Massage

If the muscles are tense or hardened, they can be loosened with a relaxation massage. In addition, blood circulation in the massaged areas is promoted. Stress-related complaints can be better managed or do not arise in the first place. It can be very tempting for the treating person to help clients achieve deep relaxation. The areas of application are diverse. It is a misconception that you have to stand at the massage bench for longer. Wellness through massage is more than just the individual application on the customer.

Treat your back to something good (every day)

Is there anything better than relaxing after a long day at work? Anything that weighs on your shoulders can make you forget a back massage with soothing moves. In particular, the back is one of the most stressful areas of the body in everyday life. It is heavily strained both during physical work and when working at a desk. Tension and back pain are, therefore, daily companions for many people. A back massage can often provide relief and improve body awareness and mobility.

Ayurveda massage using essential herbs and oils

The unique thing about Ayurveda massage is that various herbal extracts, which have been mixed with oils, are warmed up and introduced into the skin through massage techniques. This process achieves a wide variety of positive effects, relieving tension, healing illnesses, promoting sleep, or strengthening eyesight, and they also ensure pure, healthy skin. Sesame, mustard, or coconut oil, for example, is used as an oil. In addition to the well-being effect, the Ayurveda massage focuses on the health effect, but this should be tailored precisely to the person to be treated.

Adapt the Ayurveda Massages

According to the teachings of Ayurveda, three vital energies determine human balance; one also speaks of the so-called Doshas, the Vata Dosha, the Kapha Dosha, and the Pitta Dosha. These energies order and regulate the body, determining temperament, way of life, and the appearance of every person. There is a harmony of all three doshas in the ideal case, which makes the person healthy and balanced.

At birth, the ideal case is given, but this harmony of origin is endangered and disturbed by improper nutrition, stress, or overwork. Ayurveda massage prevents these adverse developments and restores balance – because imbalance makes the body prone to disease. The Ayurveda type is determined before the treatment by a tongue and pulse diagnosis and an additional questionnaire. Based on this information, the Ayurveda massage is then carried out.