Cupping Massage Is the Proven Wellness Treatment Against Stress & Depression

Cupping Massage for Wellness

Cupping massage is one of the massages that can wonderfully treat back pain, stress, and depression. One form of massage is the cupping massage, in which negative pressure is created in special glasses that are placed on the skin. Then the glasses are moved over the oiled back. With us, you can find out more about this form of treatment.

What is a cupping massage?

The cupping massage is not only one of the most popular but also one of the most pleasant types of massage that wellness hotels, thermal baths, and physiotherapists have on offer. For centuries, natural healing has been helping people relax and detoxify the body at the same time. During the massage, so-called cupping glasses are used, which are pulled over skin treated with oil to relieve tension in the respective areas and stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow. In addition, cupping on special energy points should also have positive effects on internal organs.

Effect of the cupping massage

A negative pressure is created in the cupping glasses that are used in this type of massage. The principle is derived from naturopathic cupping therapy. As the glasses are moved over the body, the blood vessels expand, which results in better blood flow. The cupping massage releases even endorphins. The effect can be so strong that there are bruises at the cupping points due to blood leaking into the tissue. The treatment is never painful but is described as extremely pleasant.

In addition to the circulation-promoting effect, the cupping massage is also dedicated to the human energy lines. The so-called meridians are also the focus of other types of massage such as acupressure, Thai massage, and Ayurveda massage. The idea behind it is that special energy points on the skin are connected to the energy channels and can thus reflect internal organs. If you now activate the energy points (in this case, using cupping), this activates the organ’s function connected to the energy point. The cupping massage has significant effects on the entire body and organs. However, acute problems are more prone to effects and work effectively. So, the cupping glasses are used for the massage during the massage on the pressure points that take a little longer for recovery.

Cupping Massage Treatment Against Stress

Origins of Cupping

Cupping therapies have probably been taking place in different cultures for thousands of years. There is evidence of similar forms of treatment in Mesopotamia over 5,300 years ago. The method also seems to have been popular in ancient Greece – glasses were a symbol of medical art. In Europe, the mode of action of the cupping massage is explained using the 5-juices teaching. The negative pressure in the glasses is intended to bring the body fluids that have become unbalanced back into equilibrium. In China, the life energy Qi, which flows through the body via various meridians, forms the equivalent. In traditional Chinese medicine with the Tuina massage, on the other hand, knows the 5-element theory, which in principle corresponds to body fluids. Here, early on in history, attempts were made to remove Qi blockages by cupping with cow horns or bamboo segments. The 5-element principle is also used in Ayurveda, the Indian art of healing.


Since the cupping massage stimulates the metabolism, blood circulation, and internal organs’ function, the area of application is quite extensive. Both tense muscles and spasms are treated with this type of massage. Circulatory disorders that manifest themselves in cold hands and feet are also relieved by the cupping massage. Headaches are also reduced through better blood circulation. Due to the warming, relaxing effect, the cupping massage is suitable for people with symptoms of stress.

In addition to its medical and wellness benefits, the cupping massage also has a great beauty effect: by stimulating the burning of fat in the tissue, the cupping massage is often used to treat cellulite (orange peel). The therapy also tightens the tissue in the treated areas. This effect also ensures successful treatment for stretch marks and scar tissue. If the patient suffers from high blood pressure or if blood-thinning drugs are taken, the cupping massage is only of limited use.

Who offers cupping massages, and how much does a treatment cost?

Cupping massages are part of the range of natural healing practices, alternative medicine, and massage practices. This form of massage therapy is particularly relaxing when visiting a thermal bath. In addition, such massages can be booked as an additional service in many wellness hotels. Since cupping massages are not considered prescribed health services, patients have to pay for the treatment themselves. The costs depend on the duration of treatment chosen and the location.